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NDIS Plan Management

Plan management providers support participants in managing their NDIS funding, through the timely payment of invoices and other admin. The benefits of plan management include removing the paperwork, which can eliminate the stress of:

  • Keeping track of your spending
  • Keeping financial records
  • Navigating the NDIS claim process
  • Making sure your providers get paid on time

To be plan managed you include ‘Improved Life Choices’ in your NDIS plan. ‘Improved Life Choices’ covers all plan management fees, so there’s no expense to you.

If your current plan doesn’t include ‘Improved Life Choices’, simply request a review of your NDIS plan from your Local Area Coordinator or call 1800 800 110 and insist that it’s included.

If your NDIS plan already has ‘Improved Life Choices’ included and you’d like to select myAutonomy as your plan manager, visit our sign up page and fill in your details.

Your NDIS plan covers funding support that’s ‘reasonable and necessary’ for your needs, and directly relevant to achieving your goals and objectives in your current NDIS plan.

Find out more information about what can be covered in your plan on the NDIS website.

No, plan management doesn’t cost you anything, as it’s covered by the NDIS for all eligible NDIS participants.

You can access service providers – to replace or add new services – through service directories and referrals. If you’ve used services funded by your state in the past, it’s likely you’ll be able to access these services under the NDIS. Start by contacting the providers you wish to continue using and ask them about their charges and offering under the NDIS.

If you’re looking for a new service provider, our team is happy to make some suggestions based on your needs and goals. We can also work alongside any of your existing service providers.

There’s a range of community provider directories to help you find the right support for you, such as:

  • CareAbout – Free, no-obligation advice for the best service providers for your needs and budget
  • Karista – Australian disability support service directory
  • Clickability – Australian disability service directory with reviews and feature ratings..

NDIS funds can be used to purchase a tablet or other smart device to assist with telehealth services under core funding.

It’s still possible for participants across the country to buy items, even if you are not still in lockdown, until September 2020


  • a professional such as OT, Speech pathologist, Psychologist, Physio etc has recommended the use of a device to deliver support.
  • a tablet should be up to $600 and be Wi-Fi enabled. 
  • a laptop should be up to $750.
  • You can claim the cost of the machine and protective cases, other hardware such as additional backup or cords should be purchased with your personal funds. (not covered by NDIS)

Plan managed participants can purchase the item from any supplier including

Apple, JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, the Good Guys, Bing Lee etc. (these are only some options you can choose where you buy the item) Contact the store to discuss ordering and sending the bill to the plan manager for payment. 


myAutonomy Processes

If you have ‘Improved Life Choices’ included in your NDIS plan signing up with us is simple. Head to our ‘Sign Up’ page, then follow the prompts.

We’ll need some basic information from you, such as your email, participant NDIS number, date of birth, and address.

If you have difficulty with the forms in the online portal, please send an email to [email protected] with your details, including your:

  • Name
  • NDIS number
  • Plan dates (both start and end)
  • A copy of your plan (if possible)

A member of the myAutonomy team will contact you via phone or email within two business days to forward you a service agreement and complete your sign up.

Yes, you can change plan managers anytime. To transfer over to us from another plan manager during the dates of your current plan, you will need to cancel your services with your previous plan manager so we can commence service. We can prepare an email for you to forward to your previous plan manager. 

Yes, we’ve made it easier than ever to manage multiple participants’ plans.

As long as each plan has ‘Improved Life Choices’ included, you can use one email address and one login to manage all the plans you have.

Each participant with a plan is a myAutonomy client that can be assigned to you as a nominee. You can easily switch plans in our exclusive app or online portal.

myAutonomy uses Careview NDIS software to manage client information and funding, and pay provider invoices. Once you have completed the sign-up process with myAutonomy, you will receive an email containing a username and temporary password for the Careview Advantage app. To view your budgets, goals and invoices download the Careview Advantage app using either an iOS or Android mobile device.

There are three options to submit your invoices to claim payment:

  1. Get the provider to send the invoice directly to us at [email protected]
  2. Forward us the invoice once you receive it
  3. Call us to discuss credit card payment options

  1. Providers, please include the following on your invoice:
  • Your company’s ABN number
  • A unique invoice number
  • The NDIS participant’s name and NDIS number
  • The date your service was provided
  • A detailed description of service provided
  • Hourly rate charged (if appropriate)
  • Your company’s contact details
  • Banking details for reimbursement
  1. Participants/nominated representatives, please include the following in your accompanying email to us:
  • NDIS participant’s name and number
  • Details of what you purchased
  • Banking details for reimbursement

Please forward your invoices and receipts to us at [email protected].

Yes, you can transition from an old to a new plan. If you’re a current myAutonomy client we take care of the new plan set-up and will email you once it’s done.

Yes, as a support coordinator, you can sign up your clients on their behalf if you’re a recognised guardian or authorised nominee. We encourage support coordinators to go through the sign-up process with their clients. The myAutonomy team is available to help or answer questions. Please check our contact page for details.

myAutonomy takes fraud detection and prevention very seriously. We have a number of security controls in place to minimise the risk to our clients.

If you ever have concerns or are suspicious of potential fraud, there are several things you can do:

  • Call the provider and let them know you’d like to question the service or amount
  • Call the NDIS Fraud Reporting Hotline on 1800 650 717
  • Call the NDIS Commission to report suspected financial abuse on 1800 035 544
  • Report scammers on the ACCC website
  • Call or email us for further advice (if you’re a myAutonomy client)
  • Call the police. 

Documents & Resources

At myAutonomy, your privacy is our top priority. Only you and relevant myAutonomy team members have access to your information and we will not release personal or budget details to providers, family members or other parties without your explicit written consent. Please contact our friendly Enquiries Team for consent to share forms.

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